National Institute for Education & Research is dedicated to train future leaders of Medical world who will combine clinical medicine with the discovery of new knowledge through research.

The healthcare challenges that we face as a global society today are complex, but our understanding of the intricacies has grown and continues to grow considerably. The Higher Medical Education Programs are designed, keeping all these aspects in the front line.

But what most distinguish our program are the people with in it: a cadre of collaborative research and clinical mentors, and a cohesive group of outstanding students. This strong sense of community ensures the development of meaningful friendships and collaborations. Our commitment to mentoring and career development, together with this supportive community of scholars, enhances the career success.

We look forward to working with you, whether as student, alumni. Please make use of many resources and return frequently on the website to see new program offerings, capabilities, and update that we promise to make on an on- going basis.

When you need CONTINUING HIGHER MEDICAL EDUCATION (CME) consider NIER, INDIA for all your continuing education endeavors.

Dr. A Kulshreshtha
(Ph.D, D.Sc)