"in the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is acquired. in the pursuit of WISDOM, everyday something is dropped. " ~ Lao Tzu



A special feature of the M.Sc./MA in Astrology & Cultural Astronomy is that it is the only university degree in the world that incorporates the theory, culture, and history of Astrology.

90% of our students are astrologers by training, while 10% are more generally interested in astronomy as a field of study and how we may use the sky to enrich our lives. Because of this, students who are interested in doing so might research the development and use of technical astrology or think about their own astrological practices.

Doctorates & Ph. D

The doctoral degree is the pinnacle of academic attainment. For extremely qualified individuals, NIER offers doctoral, post-doctoral, and honorary certifications; for more information, visit here.

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