"in the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is acquired. in the pursuit of WISDOM, everyday something is dropped. " ~ Lao Tzu


We are committed to providing leading educational programmes in order to achieve academic achievement. At NIER, we’ll work to make it possible for people to learn, grow in wisdom, develop moral principles, and prosper. In order to become lifelong learners, we shall discover that one must go beyond success and continually explore new areas of knowledge. The objective is to assist the student in breaking free from the conventional way of thinking about things and continually challenging accepted ideas. We think that giving them the right motivation will help them become qualified scientists and engineers.


One of the most widely practised academic subjects in India is engineering. Almost all science students hope to be successful engineers one day.

After completing four years of study in the subject, applicants are awarded a Bachelor of Technology (BTech), a professional undergrad degree.


ME (Masters of Engineering) or M Tech (Masters of Technology) is a 2-year postgraduate professional degree in engineering. For admission to the M Tech programme, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in technology.

Students are trained in the field of technology through courses. The MTech course’s curriculum is created to provide students with in-depth knowledge and professional skill training.

Doctorates & Ph. D

The doctoral degree is the pinnacle of academic attainment. For extremely qualified individuals, NIER offers doctoral, post-doctoral, and honorary certifications; for more information, visit here.

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