"in the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is acquired. in the pursuit of WISDOM, everyday something is dropped. " ~ Lao Tzu

Higher Medical Education

Master of Chirurgiae (MCh)

Considered the highest master’s degree in Surgical Science, the Master Chirurgiae (M.Ch) is an extremely advanced and selective postgraduate/doctoral degree after Master of Surgery that equips an individual with a technical understanding of complex surgical procedures.

  • Program developed for aspiring professionals as well as senior surgeons looking to upgrade their knowledge and earn an extra qualification.
  • We welcomes qualified post-graduates to undertake super-specialty experience and aims to recognize this period of training thus leading to the award of the DM
  • Get Opportunities in the Medical Sciences and Healthcare with an Internationally Accredited Certification.

About Course

01Course Duration

The course is divided into 3 terms, Each Term is of 6 months duration. Out of the 3 terms, the last term will be dedicated to research and thesis writing Students are expected to accomplish 12 theory & clinical modules and undergo a clinical research course

02Course Work

After enrolling in university, the student will pursue his or her course from both his or her home and the place where he or she works. Each student will be assigned a Course Tutor / Program Chair who will provide online support to them throughout the course. Students will submit assignments and case reports to the university’s PG coordinating office on a regular basis. In addition, the students will analyze the most recent research articles on his / her area and publish them in international journals. Before publishing, these articles will be peer-reviewed.

03Course Must

To complete the M.Ch, there is a requirement to participate in both the clinical activities of the sub specialties, and in one or more independent research projects. This should preferably involve the recent advances in the respective sub specialties.

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