"in the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is acquired. in the pursuit of WISDOM, everyday something is dropped. " ~ Lao Tzu

Higher Medical Education

Ph.D. & M.Phil.

Doctor Of Philosophy

Ph.D. or Doctorate of Philosophy is the topmost qualification for all streams of career. This course mostly referred to as the milestone in education is no less than a dream for students and most individuals serving top reputed positions such as that of – CEO, Directors, Scientists, Professors, Managers in different fields are found to have acquired this degree.

National Institute For Education & Research offers Ph.D. programs in various disciplines in collaboration with various Indian & International Universities of high reputation. Ph.D. Programs at NIER are offered in all the disciplines/research areas on Full time and Part-time basis.


The required minimum qualification for admission to Ph.D. program shall be a Master’s Degree from any recognized Indian or Foreign University, in the relevant field with a minimum of 55% marks or Equivalent Grade.

Master Of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree is a postgraduate research degree offered by NIER through various universities around the world.

If you enroll in an M.Phil. degree as part of your Ph.D. registration, the M.Phil. will be completed in one year. A Master of Philosophy generally takes two years to complete as a stand-alone academic program.
The M.Phil. degree is a pure research degree, focused entirely on your independent research topic. While an academic supervisor provides supervision, there are usually no classes or other obligations to attend.


Candidates can pursue an MPhil course if they have completed their master’s degree in a related field in which they want to pursue an MPhil course.

  • We welcomes qualified post-graduates to undertake super-specialty experience and aims to recognize this period of training.
  • Get Opportunities in the Medical Sciences and Healthcare with an Internationally Accredited Certification.

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