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NIER Fellows are leading educationists, beaurocrats, medical professionals, management professionals, social entrepreneurs who we recognize to have innovative solutions to the problems in their specified field and the potential to change pattern across the society.


NIER invites people from every sphere of the society. We believe that the growth of a global citizen sector begins with the work of these leading people. They drive the sector forward, responding to the new challenges and changing needs. They demonstrate unrivaled commitment to bold new ideas and prove that compassion, creativity and collaboration are tremendous forces of change. NIER fellows work in every area of human need and are spread all over the 5 continents.

NIER fellows are practical visionaries who introduce and fully commit themselves to a new idea or implement an existing idea in an innovative and impactful ways. They bring in a fresh analysis and insight on how to fix a problem.

They challenge the system and open new opportunities for the citizens to be change makers anchored by the selection criteria and our selection process, we elect the NIER Fellows.

Selection Process

Maintaining a rigorous selection process and universally applied standards is very important to NIER, as we ensure that only the most deserving candidates with the greatest probability of achieving large scale social impact are elected in to the Global Fellowship. Upon receiving the nomination for the fellowship, NIER, understands the candidate’s fit against the selection criteria.

How to Apply / Nominate

NIER learns of eligible candidates throughout the world by actively searching in these fields, through direct applications and nominations.

You may nominate yourself or someone you believe fits our selection criteria.

Click Here To Nominate Someone / Yourself

We will follow up with if our team has questions, and directly with the candidate if we see a fit, because it is a thorough, the selection effort does take time- so we enter conversations if we see a potentially close match with our criteria.