Higher Medical Education: Distance Education Programmes

In India, there is gap between the availability and the requirements of super specialist medical professionals. In order become a super specialized medical professional, a doctor is required to undergo super specialized and rigorous training and exposure to the international medical practices, which are course curriculum for the Doctoral and Post Doctoral Programs. (Ph.D & D.Sc)


For these research based programs, a sample of patients is specified and the research is conducted on the sample.
All these programs are conducted in the Distance Education mode. The student is required to conduct the research at their respective hospitals.


The duration of the Research Programs is one and a half year, which includes 3 semesters and viva-voice.


General Entry Scheme For DISTANCE LEARNING Programs

Course Eligibility
  • All PG Diplomas & Diploma Programs
  • All Certificate Programs
M.B.B.S. / Equivalent Degree
  • Hospital Management
  • Drug de- addiction
M.B.B.S. / B. Sc. Nursing or any other
paramedical course
  • Ultrasonography
M.B.B.S. / Equivalent Degree

Special Features

  • Distance Learning Programs