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Ph.D / M.Phil Programs

Ph.D. or Doctorate of Philosophy is the top most qualification for all streams of career.This course mostly

D.Sc / D.Litt Programs

The D.Sc/ D.Litt. degree is awarded for published work of an exceptional standard, containing original

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NIER Fellows are leading educationists, beaurocrats, medical professionals, management professionals

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NIER - In Pursuit Of Wisdom

Director's Message

Your time as a student is one of the most exciting and challenging periods in your life, so choosing the right institute is an important decision. Our web page describes the opportunities available and gives you an idea of what life is like at the NIER. At this Institute, we offer you plenty of variety in your studies. We break down barriers between traditional teachings. Together with our colleagues and collaborators locally, nationally and internationally,our Institute has had one of its most productive years in developing and disseminating continuing

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Our Service

The all new Doctorate of Medicine (DM) is an internationally accredited certification, by Victoria Global University, has been designed to recognize super specialty experience in the field of Post Graduate study.

  • DM - Clinical Pharmacology
  • DM - Clinical Haematology
  • DM - Pulmonary Mediciney
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Program designed for the upcoming Professionals and as well for the senior surgeons wanting to update his/her knowledge and gain an additional qualification.

  • M Ch - Orthopedics
  • M Ch - Opthalmology
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ELIGIBILTY: The student must have completed 2 years residency in the specialization or PG Diploma/ DNB. All the 2 years must be done in India in a hospital or an institute recognized by VGU. The two remaining posts can be completed in a recognized hospital / affiliated centre. At the end of the three years, final examination, comprising of both theory and practical, we be conducted in India. If a student has already completed all the six posts as above, he/she is eligible to apply for MD examination.

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  • Diploma in Diabetology
  • Diploma in Ultrasonography
  • Diploma in Rheumatology
  • Fellowship in Rheumatology
  • Fellowship in Diabetology
  • Post Graduate Courses
      Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (MSC.MLT)
      Master of Science in Clinical Microbiology
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    Notice Board

    • Admission started for the session 2015-16 for the following CME programs

      • DM Programs
      • MCh programs
      • Diploma Programs
      • Ph.D
      • DSc

    • For Fellowship in Diabetology & Rheumatology contact : +91-9350044008