"in the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is acquired. in the pursuit of WISDOM, everyday something is dropped. " ~ Lao Tzu

National American University awards Doctor of Fine Arts to the famous Bollywood Lyricist Sameer Anjaan

New Delhi, Delhi Jan 6, 2022 – The prestigious 5th NIER’s Worldwide Impact Awards-2021 and convocation of National American University were organized at The Isckon Auditorium, driven by ACS Media Corporation and powered by National Institute for Education & Research wherein distinguished personalities from various fields were honored for their contributions to the society.

Sh. Sameer Anjaan, a well-known Indian poet and Bollywood lyricist, was the guest of honor.

“National Institute of Education and Research (NIER) believes in bringing forth the extreme efforts and excellence of entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations from various sectors into the picture, The 5th NIER’s Worldwide Impact Awards-2021 is a part of this initiative only,” said Dr. Abhiram Kulshreshtha, Director General, while speaking to the media.

We hope that by presenting these awards, we will not only be able to motivate entrepreneurs & businesses to improve their performance but will also be able to promote Prime Minister Modi’s Start-up India Mission by inspiring the nation’s youth with such excellent entrepreneurial examples.

On the same day, certain deserving persons were awarded honorary doctorates from National American University, thanks to a collaboration with the National Institute for Education and Research. Some dignitaries’ names are as follows: –

Mr. Ashok Kumar, a well-known Architect, Ms. Upasna Arora, Yashodha Hospital, Ghaziabad, Director & Entrepreneur, Mr. GNV Satyanarayan, Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, Mr. Imad Syed, Mr. Yogendra Singh.

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